Race Bikes


1978 KZ 1000 owned by Jason Darlington

Jason's KZ 1000 Superbike

This bike was rescued from certain destruction by yours truly from an auto wreckers. At that time it was a derelict stock bike and here is what has been done since;

Suspension: fox shocks with the upper mounts layed down. Swingarm caged. Front forks are 38mm 1000J with  cut stock springs.Wheels are 87' gsxr 1100 rear and 83' gpz 750 front.

Exhaust: mystery header pipe mated to a Kerker canister

Engine: 1015cc wiseco pistons ,HD cam chain and Valve springs, Yoshimura .380" intake .350" exhaust, welded crank w reinforced center cap, head is mildly ported. Earls oil cooler.

Carbs : 29mm Mikuni smoothbores

Ignition: Complete Dyna including DRL 300 rev limiter

Frame: Stock w bracing at swingarm

Triples trees: Aluminum , custom machined by Richard Biggs





1984 KZ 750 Superbike

I built this bike in 2007 and here is what I did.

Frame : 1984 KZ 750 braced at swingarm pivot. triples braced. bodywork is 82' gpz 750

Swingarm : GS 1100

Suspension: forks 1983 GPZ 1100 , rear shocks are KZ 750 customized to fit the GS swingarm, Wheels GSXR with custom carriers for the gpz 1100 discs

Pipe: Hindle in the first picture, presently a Bassani

Carbs: Keihin Cr specials 31mm

Engine: 1982 KZ 750 Bottom end with GPZ 750 top end. Head shaved.010" with HD Valve springs and 1mm oversize intake valves. Intake cam is a .400" web and exhaust is .360" Andrews. Trani is a 6 speed from a KZ 550


KZ 750 twin ,owned by Fernando Medeiros

Fernando's bike is a great example of anything can be made to go fast . The bike was dynoed at 48 RWHP stock and has seen as high as 82HP. The motor was stressed at 82 HP and didn't have good reliability. Presently its around 70-75HP. The 'big motor' had over .500" lift cams . He has also used megacycle .465" lift cams which prior to the shim under bucket spit one out through the valve cover. Presently he's running two stock exhaust cams. The pistons were designed using a mould kit from Arai pistons, they are 12:1 compression  785cc. Carbs are 39mm Cr specials. Wheels are dymags with spodin discs and brake calipers.

1978 KZ 650/750

This is the first race bike that I built. I built it in 1998. Its seen a few engines over the years , a stock KZ 750 E ,a KZ 650 with KZ 750 cams and carbs and presently a KZ 750 bottom end with GPZ 750 top end. Cams are 83-85' GPZ 750,head is ported w HD valve springs, degreed to 105 and 107. The wheels are 1984 GPZ 550. Exhaust is a Wolf. Carbs are 82' GPZ 750. Front forks are 83 KZ 750L w progressive springs and the brakes calipers are 83 GPZ 750.