This website is dedicated to Kawasaki Air cooled 4 stroke Motorcycles from the 70’s and 80’s. I bought my first Kawasaki in 1982 (KZ400). One of my friends had a KZ 550 which was lightning fast compared to my 400 and so I soon began looking for another bike. In 1984 I bought a 1981 KZ 750E which was a huge jump up for me and I will never forget my first test drive. That was one of the best bikes I have ever owned and presently I have a 1982 KZ 750 in my collection. Over the years I have owned and sold close to 100 motorcycles. A couple of Honda’s, Yamaha’s and a few Suzuki’s but mainly Kawasaki. In 1998 I joined the Vintage Road Racing Association (vrra.ca) and began building my first race bike a 1978 KZ 650. Since then I have built seven Race Bikes. If you need service done on your old Kawasaki contact me. The 550-1100 Kawasakis are truly bullet proof and make a great platform to build a race bike or dependable street bike. I will post items for sale in the spare parts section and useful information throughout. I hope to encourage others to take on a street or track restoration of their own. Let the good times roll, again!